My Book

Jamie is currently writing his book “SAS Business Boot Camp –  Seven Steps To Creating a Sellable Business”.

In this book Jamie outlines the seven steps required to build a sellable business.

Seven Steps To Creating a Sellable Business:


Here is the introduction:

How to create a sellable business meets the growing demand for simple, proven, practical and step by step advice for aspiring business entrepreneurs and owners on how to create a sellable business. It makes no difference whether you are looking to start from scratch or buy an existing business and make it sellable. In the current century there has never been a better time to start or own your own business. Given the global economy and technology; opportunity abounds to do business anywhere, anytime. The wave of the cloud (online accounting and electronic commerce) is coming. Only about 7% of businesses worldwide are on the cloud and outsourcing is going to have a massive impact on the services sector. Your receptionist in the Philippians can order your lunch right now! The United Nations and the Brooking Institution predict that by 2020 there will be 3.2 billion more people classified as ‘middle class’. These days’ businesses can have no psychical presence other than a webpage, an email address and an iphone. The late Jim Rohn said this century will create massive opportunities for people all over the world – never seen before in history. I believe he was spot on. But as my mentor Ed Chan told me, it’s not what you do in business, it’s how you do it. This book is very much about “how” – step by step. The Key for any business owner is to “withdraw” or “remove” themselves from the various operations of the business, as the business grows. Administration is always the first to delegate, but as you continue on the journey it gets harder, so you need the tools to go to the next step.

The Business Owner’s Journey:


The value of a book on how to build a sellable business is now very clear. For many it becomes their superannuation at retirement and life savings. Yet statistics indicate that 80% of new businesses fail in the first 5 years and that only one in one hundred businesses can be sold. Scary statistics? So what are the leadership qualities of a sellable business owner? What are the key steps to surviving longer than 5 years? This book identifies 7 Business Success Pillars so any business can survive longer than 5 years and the reveals the keys to building a business that can be sold.

The book draws on case studies and the experiences of the elite “SAS Business Boot Camp”, a no-nonsense, hardcore, 12 month training program design by Jamie Johns for his firm (Sky Accountants) and clients. Jamie draws on his own experience of starting his own business from scratch and from his 20 years’ experience as an Accountant dealing with thousands of businesses. Jamie shares his own journey including the ups and downs, the lessons he learnt along the way and how the dot’s joined up.

Seven Steps To Creating a Sellable Business is the answer for those people who have always wanted to start or own a business and create a sellable business, but didn’t know where to start.

Details of the book will be released once it is published.