In growing business, does technology improve hospitality services or not?

There was a time when restaurants used mobile phones, social media, reviews, likes, shares and comments in growing their business. Hospitality venues wanted to use the digital platform to make their brand look exciting and hip. However, smartphones have started to become a distraction and not a means of connection so it seems like restaurants are starting to return to old fashioned hospitality, even encouraging customers to put their phones down, look at their dates and meals and engage. 

Smartphones are becoming more and more invasive by the day. Using your phone during dinner was once considered bad manners but it has recently become normal behaviour to check your phone once in a while. However, this is slowly changing again.  

Hospitality venues have noticed that their customers were simply focused on their screens, taking pictures and not having conversations. Some believe that if putting your phone on silent mode in a theater is the norm, the same should apply to restaurants. Ignoring your companion in favour of texting can ruin a great dining experience. 

There are also cafes that refuse service to customers who are on their phones because it causes rudeness, delays and bad manners. Interacting with the wait staff while on a phone call can also cause misunderstandings. Some restaurants have banned phone usage to create a better and happier dining environment. You need all the senses to enjoy great food – its look, smell and taste are all part of a good meal. Distraction will take away the memory of the food. 

Customers want more from hospitality than just great food and drink to be loyal. These days many patrons want a total hospitality experience.  These include surprising dining elements, excellent service, ambiance, secret menu and loyalty programs to provide something extra to the experience. Prohibiting phones may be a welcomed extra as well. As a restaurateur, you may want to start encouraging your customers to put their phones in a box as they enter your venue and simply enjoy their food and company better. It just depends on the market niche you are seeking. 

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