Business advice: Avoid workplace stress that can damage your business

Jobs in the hospitality industry can sometimes be stressful because of the fast-paced environment, long hours and demanding customers it entails. Hospitality is not really for everyone but those who love the industry are attracted to these qualities in the first place.

Even for them, however, stress can be a problem in the business. A good piece of business advice is for the restaurant, café, pub or bar owner to create an environment that avoids stress because it could potentially damage the business in the long run. 

Mild stress can sometimes be good to keep you alert and focused but when you start being distressed, it could cause anxiety, anger, inability to focus, sadness, sleeplessness or even personality or mood changes. When your team is distressed, it can be a business problem that the owner should fix.  

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, it is the business owner’s obligation to ensure the well-being of his or her staff. The Australian Human Rights Commission requires the owner to make sure the workplace is safe and does not cause ill health for all workers.  

The law also seeks to avoid disability discrimination and requires reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of staff with disability or mental illness. Furthermore, the owner is required to ensure that all his workers’ personal information are not disclosed without consent. All workers are obliged to take responsible care for the health and safety of others and of their own by cooperating with reasonable instructions to ensure workplace health and safety. Those who fail to comply could suffer from the closure of their business and confiscation of their trading license, imprisoned or be charged hefty fines. 

Remember that your staff is one of your most important assets. Happy employees work harder, faster and with more creativity than those who are stressed and tired. Avoiding stress can be cost effective as it improves productivity. Retraining staff and having paid sick leaves are not only costly, but can also slow down productivity. When customer service becomes unsatisfactory, your business will eventually suffer. 

If you notice any signs of stress in your employee, you can speak to them and have an action plan ready to offer them. They might need to take a break, move to a different team or attend some training to help them with their work. 

It can be a great business move to monitor the happiness of your team. One way to do this is with a app like TinyPulse. TinyPulse will measure the happiness and quality of the culture in your workplace. 

To know more accounting and business advice, click here to speak to experts who specialise in the hospitality industry. We are big believers in the use of professional tools to manage your business.  The right tools can streamline your processes so that the business is best placed to trade profitably. 

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